Soy: Friend Or Foe?

Dr. Mercola

Lots of people ask me about soy and if they should eat it.  As far as my body was concerned, the answer was always a definite no (I don’t do well on it at all), but I don’t like to tell people not to eat something unless I am absolutely certain about the findings.  Unfortunately, I had seen so many conflicting articles and research on the subject; I just gave up trying to figure it out, until now. 

An article from Dr. Mercola changed my mind.  He wrote about a book called “The Whole Soy Story”, written by Dr. Kaayla Daniel.  It seems Dr. Daniel did her PHd research on this subject and gives an absolute “NO” to the high estrogen protein. 

You can read the book for yourself or go to You Tube to catch her interview here .  She gives practical advice for people trying to kick the soy habit.  It is definitely a wake up call to vegetarians and everyone who believes Soy is a health food.