Positive Manipulation - The Law Of Attraction

Taking the first steps to getting what you want

Setting Goals

We have all been hearing about the “Secret” to getting your hearts desire, but how do you actually start the process of writing your goals?

State what you want first.  It is important to remember, you can have it all so why not ask for it?  Let’s be general to start:

I want to be the healthiest and most successful person I can become.

I will be the healthiest and most successful person I can be.

I am a successful and healthy person!

By asking for what you want, you set the stage for your desire.  You may not believe it yet, but saying “I want” helps some people get the ball rolling.    

By saying “I will be the most successful and healthy person I can be”; you are embracing your desire and acknowledging your commitment.  You are also stating the fact that you are already on your way!  You see, our bodies don’t acknowledge the time factor.  Our bodies may tell us when it is time to sleep or eat, but success is only in our mind.  Our body will respond to whatever our mind tells us, as long as we are ready for it.

Now, by saying “I am healthy and successful”, you have just stated your firm belief that what you desire is already here.  In the words of Dr. Wayne Dwyer, “You will see it when you believe it!”   Again, the more we state our desires, the faster they materialize.  At the first thought juncture, we readied our body and our energy to respond to new circumstances that will bring success.  Now comes free will:  If you don’t act on those opportunities, than you cannot make your dreams come to fruition.

Creating Motive

The second half of a Goal is the motive.  Most people don’t understand the difference, but simply put, the goal is something you want and the motive is the reason why you want it.  Why is it important to have a motive?  Because in order to stay convicted about what you want, you need a reason. 

When I started my journey, it was to become the healthiest and most beautiful person; body, mind and soul that I could become.  I didn’t actually believe I was worthy of this at the time so I used my children as a motive.  I was assuring them a better life, and unwittingly, helping to propel myself on my own journey.  At every difficult juncture, I turned to them and my belief that they deserved a wonderful mother and the brilliant life I could offer them as a healthy person.  That kept my intentions clear and my will strong.

In addition, the altruistic (unselfish) motive gave me Universal power to keep the goal alive even when I was too exhausted to keep going.  The power of love and pure motive can conquer all human frailties.  My goal was good, but my motive created the positive energy I needed to accomplish it.

Putting the two together

It seems easy to ask for what you want, but many people find it difficult to keep the positive energy alive.  When you ask for what you want, it is necessary to keep reminding yourself of why you are doing it.  By placing the two together, side by side, it makes it easier to eradicate any negativity that may come in.

Simply acknowledge the goal and then put the motive right after so you can reinforce your positive energy day to day.

To once again use myself as an example, “I want to be the healthiest and most beautiful person; body, mind and soul that I could become, so I can be the best mother to my children.” 

Once you establish your motive and it is engrained within you, it won’t be necessary to keep reiterating it, because the energy will already be there.  It is good to establish it, and in the beginning, constantly restate it so you stay powerful and committed.

Being grateful even before you see results

When it comes to goals, we tend to want to see results as incentive to keep going.  One of the reasons why many people quit exercise routines is because they don’t see instant muscles and body changes.  It is the same with goals.  Many times things actually get harder before they get better so it is even tougher to stay convicted. 

Giving thanks and gratitude to yourself and the higher powers you believe in is the best way to confirm a positive journey that will lead you to your goals.  With each road block you encounter, appreciate and acknowledge that the path could have taken you to a horrible outcome.  With every person who leaves your life, actually say “thank you for the experience of knowing them” and be reminded, they may not have helped you, but in fact, hurt your potential to push forward.  To every job that is taken away, rejoice!  It was not the best one for you.   Money that is lost?  Let it go and remember, whatever is yours will come back to you. 

Whenever I experience a loss or blow, I may start to cry in sadness, but I immediately give thanks and the sadness manipulates into a realization that I am not smart enough to see the entire picture from a Universal prospective.  What I perceive as negative could be the best thing to happen to me, and because my goal and motive are so pure and altruistic, I am protected, always!

Just a few reminders to help you on your way 
  • Your body will not take you somewhere that you are not ready to go!
  • Don’t worry about natural fears.  If you know in your gut that an opportunity is wonderful and it is the right thing to do, but you are afraid or anxious, then move beyond the fear or anxiety, and keep reiterating your goals to stay strong and convicted.
  • You only have to take on a challenge one moment at a time.  
  • Your only fear should be in NOT doing what you want or need to do to reach your goals.  After all, the alternative to not moving forward is standing still, or worse, going backward.
  • You don’t have to share your desires with everyone, especially people who will not have clear motives.   By that I mean they may have their own issues and may not bring you positive energy.
  • Write your goals down, put pictures of what you desire in places you will see throughout your day and reserve time in your day to meditate on your goals. 

  • Remember that the only thing keeping you from your best life is you.  Abundance is yours and you only need to ask and then believe you are worthy of it.