Positive Manipulation - The Law of Return

Nothing in this world actually belongs to you.  Everything you own is on loan.  This is an eternal law written about in many books, yet we still hoard our belongings and covet them, hoping to find small bits of happiness through ownership.

This concept brings to mind a story from my past.  Some time ago, I had the pleasure of having lunch out with a special client.  She was close to my age, unmarried and searching for inner peace.  Needless to say, we got along very well.  For some reason I felt compelled to speak about Positive Manipulation and business talk was replaced with the principles of energy and self-growth.  She was very taken with my offerings and repeated over and over how much she needed to hear what I had to say.  As her energy changed from fruitless to self-empowered, mine also increased, and by the end of lunch we were so pumped we could have marched the two miles back to her office.   Instead we drove with excitement, exploring her new-found strength and conviction to move forward, overcoming fears and discomfort to create her best life.

Upon leaving my car, she thanked me for taking the time to listen and share, and she asked politely about the necklace around my neck.  I told her it was part of a set and where I bought it, but it was quite some time ago and I was not sure she would ever find one like it.  She said she would look for one and hoped it would still be available, as it was quite beautiful and unique.  I drove home remarking about how much she had actually given me.  Her gratitude was such a gift, and I was ecstatically happy that just words out of my mouth could help someone, but I was also aware of how difficult it is to keep that positive energy when you are struggling and new to the manipulation process. 


As I wondered how my words would penetrate what negativity might lay ahead,  I touched the necklace around my neck and knew for certain that I needed to send it to her.  Although I loved it very much, it meant more for her to feel the power it could offer, than it did for me to occasionally adorn myself.  My decision was made and a few days later I shipped it off with a letter, explaining that each time she wore it, she should look back at our lunch experience and use the same energy she felt to instigate the power to overcome obstacles.

A week later I received a beautiful and grateful e-mail. “I received your gift of power and energy today; I still have chills all over me.”  I searched store after store in every mall and could not find the necklace anywhere.  No wonder why!”  She went on to tell me about the positive steps she had taken as a result of her new outlook and her quest to read my entire website for more inspiration.  Of course, I delighted in the knowledge that someone was actually inspired by me, but I knew there was much more at work here.  A higher power encouraged the events of the day and I knew I had little to do with the result.  Her desire to help herself pulled me into her life as much as a dry flower soaks up water in the rain.  She wanted change and now many, many more “coincidences” will begin to help lead her down the path of emotional health.  Her manipulation process has just begun, but little did I know, mine was about to come to an abrupt halt and I would soon need to hear those same words I used to help her, uttered again for my own benefit.

One week later, I was left jobless.  After serving my clients and doing the same job for six years, I was let go due to a power struggle between manufacturer and distributor.  My hard work and diligent efforts in sales and marketing were now nullified, and I was left high and dry with no warning or courtesy from these companies whatsoever.  My self-esteem took an incredible blow, but the event occurred just two weeks after 9/11, so I put it into perspective.  I mourned for the loss briefly and remembered that everything happens for a reason.  “I had been asking for change, so I shouldn’t be surprised when I get it, no matter how it comes!” 

My belief for a positive outcome kept me moving in a forward direction, but for some reason I couldn’t shake the feeling of desertion and the lack of gratitude for the job I had sacrificed part of my life for and worked so hard at.   Unbeknownst to me, I was moving forward, but in a car with no driver!   My job of manipulation was becoming tougher when it should have become easier.  Construction projects were coming in, but I had no energy to do the bids.  People were calling for consulting jobs and I would put them off till “after the holidays”.  My once gregarious personality now eluded me at business functions and parties.  I was allowing self-doubt to rule my destiny instead of using the manipulation process to keep my initial positive outlook.  Something had to change quickly or I was going to hit a wall in that driverless car that could ruin the financial independence I toiled for so long to create.

As I asked myself for the energy I needed to get through this adversity, an unexpected phone call came in from a doctor I did some part-time work for and hadn’t spoken to in several months.  He was calling to thank me again for designing his office space and wanted to invite me over to see the new artwork he had selected.  I thought it was so strange to hear from him out of the blue, but gladly took him up on the offer.  Upon arriving, I looked around at the space I helped create.  He selected a beautiful painting for the waiting room.  “Hey, I couldn’t have done better myself.  It’s outstanding!” I said.


“You did a wonderful job Donna, and I want you to know how thankful I am.”  He then handed me a beautiful box wrapped in silver paper.  In it was an incredible diamond-encrusted gold necklace that I recognized from one of our shopping excursions for the office.  “When we were in Fortunoffs, you saw it in the showcase and admired it.  I knew I had to buy it for you as a gift for all your patience and hard work.”  I stood there speechless as he continued.  “Believe it or not, I had it for an entire month, but have no idea why I didn’t call you.  I just decided today had to be the day!”

On my way home in the car, I gazed through the rearview mirror at the diamonds sparkling around my neck.  Of course, he had no idea of the significance of his gift, but I did.  “The Law of Return.  I gave away a “piece of energy” and received a piece back worth 20 times more!  In addition, he inadvertently gave me back the self-esteem that was seeping out of my bruised ego since the loss of my job.  He believes in my abilities and appreciates them, so why shouldn’t I?   

A short time later, I reinvented my career and, with my new found confidence, took on the World once again.  The idea though, that ‘what we give away comes back in bigger and better form’, is forever present in my mind. 

To really grasp this concept, understand a vacuum.  As you suck up dirt on the floor, the vacuum becomes full.  At some point, it can’t take in any more dirt.  After you empty it, however, you can start all over again.  Our energy works in the same way.  The more we let go of, the more that comes in to us.  The more we give away, the more that comes back.   This is especially true of Love Energy. 

Some people believe that Love Energy should be reserved for people who are special to them or are deserving of it.  That is not my philosophy.  In fact, the more in need someone is, the more they need love.  It is especially difficult to give love when the other person doesn’t seem to deserve it, but then again, who am I to judge that?  If I am led to someone, and I feel inspired to share with them, I do it.  The love I release then brings in more love energy to me.  It may not be from the person I bestowed it upon, but it definitely comes back to me in some way.  This is one of the most profound aspects of Law of Return.  It sounds kind of greedy though doesn’t it? 

Understand that the Universal Energy we are given to use is only as powerful as the power we give it, meaning, if we don’t use it, we lose it!  If I were not to give at all, I wouldn’t get back.  So I know I have to give.  I give and know I will get back.  That would seem to some as though I am doing it for the return, but truthfully, I am doing it because I know the more I give, the more I will get back, and the more I get back, the more I will have to give, again, and again, and again.  Sound confusing?  Let me continue.

“A body in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.”  This is a principle in physics written by Sir Isaac Newton.  If we keep our energy in motion through our intention to perpetuate love, it will remain “out there” and it will resonate more love energy into us.  On the same token, if we resonate hatred, it will return as well.

The Dhamapada said “Hatred begets Hatred, violence begets violence.”  What he was actually describing was the Law of Return.  What can we expect back from our behavior if not more of the same behavior?  If you can see a similarity, it goes hand in hand with the Law of Attraction.  We pull in what we are thinking and feeling.  We also pull in what we are putting out.  Attraction is what can come in to us, but the Law of Return describes what the Universe is responding to. 

When it comes to the Law of Return, remember to put out what you want to come back.  The more goodness you put out there, the more goodness will come in and vice versa.  Remember too, that what we have to give, we should be releasing.  The knowledge that it will return to you is not your first motive, but it is okay that the thought exists, because it is the way the Universe works for us.   In the beginning, you might be giving because of this motive, but after releasing love energy time and again, the rewards of giving become a far greater motive to keep doing it.  The idea that it will come back is understood, but it doesn’t take precedence over the thought of loving someone without expectation.  We are human and sometimes need to start with a human need.  After some time though, our soul essence takes over and we don’t need the incentive anymore.  We just need to keep giving to feel incredible peace and happiness.