Big Donna vs Little Donna

Excerpt from “The Ten Commandments of Divorce”

No matter what religion you were exposed to, you have probably been taught that we are comprised of two entities, one being the human body and the other being a soul or spirit. When you begin to comprehend this, an amazing realization arises; we are not beholden to the body we come in. We can transcend all our shortcomings. We can let go of our physical selves and tap into an incredible power that could never be defined in human terms. Why? Because we just don’t have the vocabulary yet to describe it. Recently, scientists have been disproving century old scientific “facts” realizing there may be a higher power or “force” yet to be discovered or identified. With movies like “The Secret”, “What the Bleep Do We Know”, and Dr. Wayne Dyer’s new flick, “The Shift”, we are being challenged through Quantum Physics to look at ourselves in a completely new light. What is reality? What are we really capable of and who or what is out there that we can rely on to help us?

PerceptionWhile growing up, I was aware of two personas I called “big Donna/little Donna”; which were like distinct and separate people in my head. Big had a loud voice and was first to respond. Little was tiny and a struggle to hear. It wasn’t until I was in my 40’s did I fully understand what these voices represented. Thomas Keating says, “Instead of trying to free us from what interferes with our ordinary human life, the Spirit calls us to transformation of our inmost being, and indeed of all our faculties into the divine way of being and acting.” He continues his explanation by adding, “The Greek fathers called this process deification.” We all have an inner soul voice that is constantly beckoning us to transform out of what our human selves have gotten us into. Since being human makes us flawed, so too are most of our thoughts and actions. At the time I discovered my two voices, I followed what was louder and stronger, irrespective of what it was telling me to do. The little voice didn’t stand a chance and, in addition, the direction it was asking me to follow was difficult and uncomfortable. What I didn’t realize was that as I got healthier and desired more love and positive energy in my life, the two entities switched. Now little Donna became the new big Donna, meaning the voice of positive reason was becoming louder and easier to follow. This was a huge step in my own growth. I realized that the volume was controlled by what my intentions were, not what my human self wanted to hear! 

We have heard of people doing extraordinary things. The “Spirit” within each of us is capable of much more than we ever use on a daily or even yearly basis. We can overcome anything we put our minds to. That incredible power that we call God, Buddha, Allah, Divine, Source, Jehovah, Great Spirit, exists within all of us, but do all of us make use of it? Do we listen to the source or forget it’s there to tap into? Call me a complete novice in the field of religion, but I believe all of them have truth, and if you look closely and listen carefully, the majority promote one concept profoundly; to love and share of ourselves, the best of what we have to offer. Most of the rules, traditions, sacrifices, offerings, etc, can be categorized under the heading of grace, love, compassion, forgiveness, and selfless acts. And the best examples we have are the stories given in the Torah, the Bible, the Tripitaka, the Tao, the Kabbalah, and the list goes on. 

Irrespective of how each of us interprets the Divine Plan described in our own religions, isn’t it possible that we all share the same energy? And if we have been blessed with this ethereal power; aren’t we then capable of channeling that same energy through our human selves? Famous leaders from all over the World, like Mohandas Gandhi, Sri Chinmoy, the Dali Llama, Martin Luther King, Rashi, Mother Theresa, and others, have all promoted this concept. Many of us try to utilize these teachings, but most of the time we fall short, believing it is too difficult. Even Christians, who have the example of Jesus to follow, sometimes believe they need to be special and inordinately graced in order to accomplish what I put into one general category called goodness

Positive Manipulation is the act or discipline of managing those voices within us. It is about making a case for doing and saying what is right for everyone and using our soulful, mindful ears, instead of our human ones. It is about talking ourselves out of what we really want to do in order to do what we really should do. It allows us to recreate ourselves so the spirit and goodness within us will constantly, easily, and joyfully be revealed. Our soul (as I like to call it, but please feel free to use your own description) is comprised of pure love energy, and we need to be reminded every minute of every day that we all have the ability to utilize it every minute of every day! Even if you don’t believe in God, accept and embrace this higher consciousness because it is within you.