What Is A Soul Mate?

Years ago I read a great book called “Soul Mates and Twin Flames” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. At the time I was searching for answers to my questions about relationships. As an intuitive person, I was of the belief that I could connect soulfully with many people, but I wondered, what is a true soul mate? The answers I received not only satisfied my curiosity, it forever changed my perception of our interactions with one another.

It would seem that we are spiritually connected to all beings, but we are driven to, inspired by, and motivated by specific people throughout our life. They are either gender, any age, and aren’t necessarily destined to be our life partner. A soul mate can be anyone we are linked to energetically most likely to achieve a goal, learn a lesson, share love and intimacy, and of course, produce children and other major conceptions. This is someone we choose on a spiritual level that can show us who we are, or more importantly, why we are here and who or what we are going to become.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. I believe that, but not in the same way as others. I believe when I look into the eyes of a soul mate, I am seeing my own soul, not theirs. Another person’s soul is revealed through an energetic interchange. It is something that is “felt”, not necessarily seen. But our own essence is harder to detect. When we come in contact with someone who is willing to connect with us, it is like a portal has been opened—a portal that helps us see what potential is there. Another’s eyes are like a crystal clear mirror into our inner being that chooses to see what is beautiful, what goodness exists and needs to be pulled out, and what there is left to conquer. It is an unconditional opening, one that says, “You are accepted as you are because I see only the best of you. I see what is underneath all that has accumulated. I know who you are!” These are words unspoken, but the energy is there. It is what continuously pulls us towards our soul mates, and unfortunately, what sometimes pulls us apart.


Imagine having someone who can help us see ourselves. Would this offer comfort or discord? The answer lies within our own actions. When we are living our best life and are in tune with our soul essence, it is encouraging to be around an energy that lets us feel even more empowered. But when we are living against ourselves and not following our bliss, being around someone who is carrying our mirror can be difficult and possibly painful and irritating! Imagine our soul mate offering a mirror that instigates change and is motivating us to do what is “right”? What if it is showing us an image we don’t want to see? What kind of sentiment will that image bring? Resentment, anger, disappointment, and guilt are a few that come to mind.

What we should know about a soul connection is that it is powerful—influential enough to help heal our woes and commanding enough to show us exactly what we need to do to live our best life. Using the soul connection, especially when it is painful, can bring us healing far beyond what we could achieve on our own. By looking in that mirror, even when it hurts to see the image, we can bring in harmony and insight that will reveal what we need to change and redirect. The most profound aspect of this synergy is that our soul mate doesn’t have to do a thing! It is within us to accept or reject the energy. They just have to be open to our goodness and accepting of our faults. 

Look around you at your children, friends, parents, lovers, even a pet. What inspires you? Who are you aspiring to be? Where does your motivation come from? Who makes you want to be a better person? Who do you NOT want to be around when you feel you have failed yourself? Who can get your goat and who can set you straight? Who do you want in your life forever even if they sometimes make you crazy? When mental pictures of certain people appear after asking yourself these questions, they are probably soul mates. It is important to remember, a soul mate may or may not stick around forever, but don’t allow their physical absence to deter you from using their energy, and most importantly, that beautiful mirror. No matter how far away they are, or if their physical self has passed on, the love you shared exists and travels with you wherever you are. Soul mates are eternally connected, and there are no limits to where they can travel. 

Another reading you may enjoy: “Twin Souls: Finding Your True Spiritual Partner” by Patricia Joudry and Maurie D. Pressman, M.D.