Kevin's Story

Excerpted from "Healing Hearts"

Written by Donna Martini


In my coaching practice I have seen some pretty egregious acts done to patients by their well meaning, but disconnected doctors. When a physician refuses to look beyond a symptom to see and actually feel all aspects (the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) of their patient’s body and persona, then they may actually cause more harm than good. Case in point: Kevin went to his doctor’s office complaining that he was tired, depressed, crying constantly, and anxiety ridden about work. His PA looked at the obvious, gave him antidepressants, and told him to get therapy. When the symptoms persisted, Kevin was instructed to increase the dose. Feeling worse and at his wits end another month later, he sought out the help of a friend who led him to me. I took one look at his demeanor, asked him a few questions about his past, eating habits, and what his mind was telling him and deducted that he may be low on testosterone. A simple blood test revealed he was drastically low, so we immediately made a few diet changes and with a doctor’s prescription, he started progesterone gel. Within two weeks he was feeling stronger, clearer, and as he now puts it, “more like a man and less like a girl”.

The key to this deduction was not in my ability to diagnose, but more about my willingness to listen. As a coach, I am well aware that I am not a genius, but I am able to tap into the energy of my client, which makes me capable of understanding their needs. Kevin and I were in tune energetically, soul to soul, and all I had to do to get there was desire to empty my head and get rid of my own ego, then just wait for the diagnosis to emerge. While listening to him, an ethereal teacher placed a question in my head as if I were a healer in training: “He is acting like a girl. What is the difference between a man and a woman?” I took on the challenge and answered, “Testosterone!”

The best part of the experience was that I was given the exact words I needed to repeat back to my client. In my head, I heard phrases and posed them as questions. “Kevin, it would seem you are feeling as emotional as a little girl.” “Yes!” He chimed. “That is exactly right!” I got validation so I kept going, “You’re tired and feel financially like you can’t keep pulling the rabbit out of the hat every month.” His face lit up exclaiming, “That is exactly what I keep telling myself!” When he knew we were in sync, he put his trust in me and followed all my instructions, which led him right out of the physical depression and chemical/hormonal imbalance. It was at this point that his body was capable of allowing an emotional healing so he resumed therapy to complete the process.


The energy between doctor and patient is more important than any knowledge or schooling the practitioner can have. When a doctor is egotistical enough to believe he/she can cure the patient based on education, he/she loses the very intelligence they actually need to diagnose and heal. I ask people who are in service to others, “what is the difference between confidence and arrogance?” They look at me quizzically and are usually stumped. “In a word, GRACE! That is all you need; the ability to let go of what you think you know so the real insight can come through. Grace makes us humble, which then enables us to take in the forces that exist around us. When we surround ourselves with the universal energies available, we become as omnipotent as they are.”

The future of medicine and healing will take us to a new realization of the energy that exists between, and in and out of ourselves. A new day will come when medical professionals finally realize that the only diagnostic tools they really need are a strong gut, an open heart, and an empty mind.