Donna Martini

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Positive Manipulation Radio Show

D had her radio debut in early 2000 when she hosted her own segment called “Positive Manipulation with Donna Martini”.

Since then, she has been on talk and blog radio with numerous hosts speaking about life, divorce, energy, and wellness.

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Positive Manipulation is the act of physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually converting the negative energy within yourself into its most positive form. Each week, D will discuss the four aspects of being human and how we can reach our highest potential through the Positive Manipulation process. With a wide range of subjects including: food and how it plays a role in dictating our personalities, the prayer/meditation link, relationships and the "Energy Dance", and the emotion/mind/illness connection, D and her expert guests will leave you with a better sense of self and an enthusiastic knowingness that we are not alone on our journeys. Tune in each week and participate in the fabulous Energy Exchange we call life!

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